Here's what our customers have to say...

Dina M

Very reliable , I have kept using this service and the quality is still top-notch. I just came home to a pristine apartment after a long day of work which is the best feeling! Thanks.

Zehava K

Thanks for the amazing quick efficient work!!! You are seriously awesome at what you do!

Shiri Z

Best cleaner i have used. Reliable honest and does a thorough job

Benji S

Defiantly the best cleaner out there!!! I use scrubs to clean for my business & they are quick, thorough and efficient every time. If you need a cleaning service they are above and beyond everyone else.

Shira R

Hands down the best cleaning service I've had. Reliable, effeciant, honest, and on time!

Harry M

Unbelivable service! So quick and tidy, our flat was not recognisable after Scrubs left. Highly recomended.

Ayelet S

עובד מהר ועושה עבודה יסודית ומחיר הוגן מאוד!! ממליצה בחום!

Shimon S

Great positive experience. Last minute good quality cleaning.

Elan N

Once you go Scrubs, you don't go back. 
Extremely professional.